The final one, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve done Sunrise, Morning, Noon, Sunset, and Dusk, and we’re finally here with a night poem. I have so many of these, but they all have slightly different flavours. Stars and the sky and the moon and darkness and sleep all inspire various types of writing.

Maybe when I’ll get around to it, I’ll write a poem for each month, or at least each season, following the same pattern, length, et cetera. These Poems for the Day have had various metres, if I felt like a certain rhythm fit better for the subject; in the future, if I’m doing a set, I plan to make them with the same structure.

Anyway, no more of that nonsense, let’s get down to the poem!

 It’s dark, but for one cooling beam
Splayed upon the wall,
Dripping on my sleepy face,
Colouring the world
In blues and blacks and whites and greens,
Though I am blind to it.
For I look at the great white lamp
Shining musically low.
As streaks of sun have washed the sky
She climbs a gliding stair.
As I'm pulled in by sleepy arms
(So deep)
She casts a shade.
Her shadows shift and twitch
Like leaves turn on the bark,
Like a smirk across her face.
Ink is dancing
While we doze to the lullaby.
But for now I see her.

And I, yes I, admit that while
I love the trees and leaves
I am sometimes glad they are not there
To let me see the sky.
White I love clouds and bashful stars
I admit I love the moon.
So mild, so sleek, she sings to me
As I go to sleep.

Thanks for reading!! Have a wonderful week. 🙂 (Artemis vibes, anyone?)

Poem and picture by Kimba Wisotsky. All rights reserved.

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