Moving right along with my Poems of the Day, I have made it to Dusk! As Anne says in Windy Poplars, “Isn’t ‘dusk’ a lovely word? I like it better than twilight. It sounds so velvety and shadowy and… and… dusky.”

I’ve been fairly proud of the past poems in this series, but let me tell you, this one we have right here is one of my most favorite poems I’ve ever written. I want it illustrated with soft crayons and turned into a children’s book someday. It’s a little sentimental and sweet, but there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

I know you want to stay up late,
I know the crickets are awake.
They're here to wish you a good night.
So good night, baby, lullaby.

There is nothing left to fear.
Be still and know that I am here.
I'll hold you every time you cry.
Good night, baby, lullaby.

Look out on the watchful moon,
Listen to the crickets' tune.
They gently pulse and softly sigh.
Good night, baby, lullaby.

I know that now raccoons will creep
But it's time for you to be asleep.
The wolf is lonely, but very sly.
Good night, baby, lullaby.

Though dark shapes in the shadows move,
They can do harm to you, my love;
Your Watchguard will always be nearby.
Good night, baby, lullaby.

Many winds in the world will affect you,
But I promise I will always protect you --
With all my heart, my love, I'll try.
Good night, baby, lullaby.

It's hard, I know, to understand
The evil done on this poor land.
Though neither of us may ever know why,
Good night, baby, lullaby.

The road to the stars is hard to take;
It's even harder if you awake.
Some may sail, some may fly.
Good night, baby, lullaby.

Look up to those stars and know
It doesn't matter where you go,
God is with you, and so am I.
Good night, baby, lullaby.

Be still, my love, and listen to
The crickets' soft concerto for you.
It's a balm they sing into the sky.
Good night, baby... lullaby.

Hope you enjoyed this! Here is a bonus lullaby poem, in case your kid is still awake after reading them this one. 😉

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful week!

Poem and picture by Kimba Wisotsky

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