Hello, everyone! Dawn, Morning, and now Noon are crossed off, so that leaves us looking forward to Evening, Sunset, Dusk, and finally Midnight! If you want a similar Noon-like poem, there is this!

Also, I may be switching website hosts soon, if I can figure out Squarespace (because honestly WordPress is kind of a headache). So let that be a warning. 

Anyway, here’s Noon Sketches!

The spotlight of the sun,
Upon the platform of the road
Bids dancing leafy maidens come,
Their rustling skirts unfurled.

Pine falls on my head, on the ground.
It whispers like the dead making sound.

The sunshine is ambient,
The air is thick.
Mercury continues to rise.
I’m heat-sick.
Light descends in golden gasps,
And rain’s the memory of grass.

An ant crawls on an acorn,
And he thinks it is so big.
I dream about the sky and think
I am so very small.

Bombshells of an oaken war;
Shrapnel shards, scattered.
Airplanes watching for acorns and pinecones,
Under leaf piles, rough and tattered.

Thank you so much for coming by! Have a wonderful week.

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