As someone who is very excited for fall and the continuing wheel of seasons, I thought a good idea would be to have a new series of poems about various times of the day. If I can, the plan is to have a piece on each of the following times: Sunrise (featured here), Morning, Noon, Afternoon/Evening, Sunset, Dusk, and Midnight.

Eventually I’d also like to have pieces for each day of the week and each month. I’ve already done many about the four seasons, so I think it’s time to get specific. Anyway, please bear with me as I indulge myself with this!

This “sunrise” poem was written on one of those strange mornings when you can look directly at the orange sun, because the light is diffused by the mist. It makes the air itself look colored. No one else was awake at the time, and it felt like a secret between me and the sun.

     The sun was rising gently
     In the comfort of his rays.
     His glory melted slowly,
     As it filtered to a haze.
     It woke the sky from darkness;
     Sky was sweetly urged awake.
     Blue returned to light her face,
     Bright, but still opaque.
     They were so kind to let me see,
     So blessed I was to gaze.

     Diaphanous clouds were strewn
     Like garlands here and there.
     Gilt with gold, they glistened in
     The warm and swirling air.
     Every tree was crowned with light
     That splashed among the sea.
     But sky was still the only show,
     The earth just harmony.
     A glimpse of violet, pink and gold
     Before Blue controlled the scene.

     As I watched, they danced about,
     And I was glad that I looked out.

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day.

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