Over the last couple weeks, I started a habit of writing one line in a small journal every night. The line is usually something I was thinking about several times during the day, but occasionally it’s just a random idea or question that popped into my head while I was trying to think of something clever to write. I think, so far, I have an overall-decent collection of deep and shallow thoughts; enough to entertain, with bits in there to think on for some time. Enjoy.

“Would be fun to sit on warm rocks all day.”

“If someone is serious about a topic, I should do them the courtesy of treating it seriously, as well.”

“Why are bugs in such a hurry?”

“Nowadays I actually care somewhat about my shoes matching my outfit.”

“I honestly don’t much enjoy the act of eating.”

“I love watching people explore and discover the world.”

“I may have enough money to buy something, but still choose to save it.”

“I feel bad for crying in front of people, because it makes them feel awkward.”

“People tend to rag on men a lot, but boys are honestly amazing; so cool and inclusive and tough and wonderful.”

“Life is, as a whole, I think, very amusing and ridiculous.”

“Jump scares terrify me more than any creepy content, and you can’t get them in literature.”

“If one believes homosexuality is a sin, perhaps one should be even more serious about befriending homosexuals.”

“God is truly limitless.”

“I swear God created beauty and colour and variety just for fun.”

“If we are ever to win anything, we must risk something; is anything free?”

“Life is all we know, and there is so much to it.”

“Why don’t I see quilted sweaters? Do people make those?”

“We all tend to be careless about time.”

“Maybe once something is attainable, it loses an appeal that only ever existed to torture us.”

“The ride doesn’t have to stop for everyone else, but I usually want to get off before they do.”

“There is a shape to life, a pattern to the dance, a refinement to expression that I want to find.”

“Laying on the floor, wrapped up warm, cold wind in your face, thinking about the weather… that’s the good stuff.”

“I bet there are some freaky things in the ocean no one’s ever dreamed up.”

“Why do we fear humanoid creatures? What is it about the slightly-wrong that horrifies us?”

“Why is tape sticky, and why doesn’t it lose its stickiness while stuck to itself?”

“Would be nice to wear a big fluffy sock that didn’t slide down your leg.”

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful week.


Graphic designed by Mitchell Wood

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