At my house, at least, we’ve been blessed with a lot of rain lately. Being inside led me to clean my room, which made me find an old poetry notebook (“old” meaning it’s from 2016-2017, so practically ancient). Inside were two poems expressing love for rain, so I thought it would be timely to officially publish them online.

For once, the city is quiet.
I’d have thought I was deaf,
Since it was so still, were it not for the hum
Of the car. And the whine.
I wouldn’t have noticed it if I, too,
Had not been quiet. But as it was,
I happened to turn off the speakers,
And silenced the man on the radio.
Only then did I discover the radio-lessness of outside.
I heard the wind before it arrived,
And the rain falling before it hit,
And lights turning greens, and people making decisions.
Sometimes I overthink.
I ruin myself with cleverness. I wait
For perfection, or I get high off entertainment.
Sometimes I can’t hear the earth turn.

And number two, written eleven months earlier:

Rainy days,
They turn the sky blue when it’s grey
They bring out the sunshine of memories.
When the sun drowns in a sea of rain,
It’s brighter than it’s ever been
When the sky melds into horizons
                I can’t see
Then I know that the stony sky,
Though the clouds run into each other,
The sky will be new
And I will see it
Because it rained today.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the weather, no matter what it’s like where you are! Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful week.


Original text and photo by Kimba Wisotsky.

3 thoughts on “I Welcome the Rain (Poetry)

      1. Smart. I love the stories the wind tells. A really strong wind can even take me back to a mountain side where I remember listening to it years ago. Pretty cool!

        Liked by 1 person

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