Howdy. Here’s another poem, just cause.

The idea of taking someone’s breath, taking a picture, taking your time, et cetera kept bouncing around my mind. I expanded it into a work-in-progress called “Thief,” and promptly forgot about it.

Then I read this line in a book where a character decided no one could make them hate someone. I don’t remember which book, but I rewrote the “Thief” poem incorporating the concept, because it stuck with me.

When you appear, you steal my breath.
I lose my mind in dull distress.
You take my innocence like a joke;
But you can never steal my hope.

You use my patience, spend my time,
Claim the credit that was mine.
But faith is for me to lose or hold;
A smile’s a choice you can’t control.

Take a picture, steal this face,
And use it in your secret ways.
But I’ll take my time, it’s sweet
To protect myself in my own speed.

Sap me of my strength and sleep,
Rob me of the things I keep.
Though you may claim my past, I grant,
My future isn’t in your hand.

Inflict, if you can, a grisly fate,
Yet you can’t tell me whom to hate.
My love and soul you cannot claim;
You shall never take my name.


I hoped you liked this post! Have a wonderful week.

Text by Kimba Wisotsky. Photograph by Martin Schoeller.

Copyright 2019.

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