This was one of those “works in progress” that I decided was never going to progress. I started it while in an airplane, and since I’ve landed I’m unable to get back the inspiration (is that what this is??) of that moment. Enjoy!

The wind is faster every time it passes;

It hisses as the mist descends.

I’m fireproof until I burn; I feel no heat, but only pain.

Where is warmth inside of me?


Does the wood know it burns for me?

Or is it my turn to feel the freeze:

Tears are freed in lower pressure;

I am swabbed with c’lestial moisture.


Will I be better when I wake?

The sky hides yet behind the clouds.

Tip upwards, perhaps she’ll open her eye

And I’ll fly into her shine.


I don’t mind this cold so much,

But the colorless landscape makes me blind.

I know it gets dark early now,

But light will come as you sleep.



Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day.

Text and photo Copyright 2019 Kimba Wisotsky. All rights reserved.

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