Recently, I entered HSLDA’s annual, nationwide poetry contest, for the third or fourth time. I submitted three poems to be judged, waited the long couple of months for the judging, then grinned my face off the whole day when I discovered I won not only SECOND place, but also THIRD place.

The third poem is this one: “Lazarus Dreams.” It was a finalist (which is honestly astounding to me. MY poems? Winning CONTESTS??). The other two can be read on Home School Legal Defense Association’s website: HSLDA Poetry Contest

Go and read some of the other poems. It’s so neat to see the thoughts and rhymes of students. If you can, enter some contests yourself.

Without further ado, here is the poem that did NOT win any prizes, although I personally thought it was the best.

I basked in days of glory,

Of youth and strengthened limbs.

I rejoiced in life and liberty,

Joining in their hymns.

I dreamed of stardom future,

Or at least of recognition.

My talents and joys repaying me

For dedication and precision.

I thought time would stand still

For my heartbreak or distress,

Or I’d have leisure to enjoy myself:

Stop the clock when I felt best.

I hoped to take advantage of

Each moment I was given.

But I didn’t carpe every diem,

And lost some battles where I’d striven.

I planned my life ahead of me

And made a map of goals.

I wished I could check off my list

To save an aching soul.

I stepped aside and looked at time,

And saw that I am just

A cricket writing lines in sand;

A phantom of the dust.

Time is slow, and time is quick,

And it’s all just in your head.

I dreamed of life and happiness

Then saw that I was dead.

Original poem by Kimba Wisotsky

If you liked this, let me know! Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day. 🙂

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