Hey, all! Quick poem I wrote while slightly depressed with the world. Those moods often end up being my writing moods. Just your friendly neighborhood reminder that life is always hard, but God put a million good things in it to make it easier. 🙂

There is darkness in my world of selfishness and scorn.

I’ve been feeling it more keenly since the day when I was born.

We’re unloving and impatient,

(Same old problem as the ancients)

And everyone’s on everybody’s nerves.

There is darkness deep inside myself, as it’s pushed down in my soul.

Cleansing hurts so much, but I know it makes me whole.

I know I must fix myself,

So I can offer others help,

But it’s so much easier to hinder than to serve.

There is darkness – how I hate it! – and its battle ranges far.

From the brightest corner of the world unto the shining stars.

Yes, it’s a darkness, and it hurts,

Even as I write these words…

Where’s the windowpane of light to end this crushing curse?

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Original poem by KiWi. Copyright 2017.

Cover photo credit: Brian LaFrance.

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