So, I wrote this poem after I met an exchange student from Europe. He had a great grip on American culture, and English, and all that, but he was eighteen, on a different continent. All my feminine, motherly instincts made me want to tuck him up and comfort him and give him chocolate, and let him let it all out. I probably made him out to be a lot weaker than he was (sorry, bud), but I just couldn’t help it. :\

He was older than me, but I still thought of him as a kid, because he struck me as dependent. I began thinking of all the things we had in common, and in a broader sense, what everyone had in common.

I think about him a lot, and pray for him, hoping he’s okay.

I know you’re a world traveler,

So I suppose you’re made of good caliber.

But you are a human, of blood and flesh;

A soul and feelings, and someone else.

Though you’re a world apart, a culture away,

A sea divided, and my night is your day,

You, too, are searching just as I

Am searching for answers and meaning in life.

Hey, kid, this is tough, and you’re on your own.

You’re surrounded by doubts, and nothing you’ve known.

You’re young at heart, happy, I see,

But I know an outsider’s a hard thing to be.

Adaptive chameleon, don’t speak and betray

Your differing ideas and society’s ways.

I long to reach out to you, and you’d understand —

Language is no barrier in the dialect of hands.

I want you to know I feel for you, kid.

I can only try to understand.

— Know that I did.

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Original poem by Kimba. Copyright 2017.

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