Hi, everyone!

This is a little ditty I made up for a gal I was babysitting once, trying to get her to fall asleep. I sang it to her, coming up with rhymes as I went, and she seemed to like it, so I wrote it down and polished it (a LOT!) to make what we have here today! I think it’s a cute one for kids. Maybe someday I’ll get my crayons out and illustrate it to make a book, but yeah, like that will ever happen. ;D

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! If you do, don’t forget to like it – and comments are encouraged. I love getting feedback on what y’all like, what I could do better, et cetera.

Without further ado…

To the castle of sleep we are headed,

Which is fringed with the fog of dreams.

Settle down, nestle up, get ready,

And we’ll go where Cloudlands steam.

The castle from nightmares is guarded,

It is heavily fortified.

Pleasant things inside are harbored,

While beyond scream the mortified.

But here in the warmth of the castle,

It is cheery and light and safe.

From the proudest peak to the lowliest tassel,

Echo fairy-tales of day.

Without, there’s no hope or redeemer,

And horrors linger on, unending.

So stay in the castle, weary dreamer;

You get there by pretending.

So pretend, my dear, to be asleep:

To the canyons of clouds you will fly.

As your thoughts start to fester and steep,

You’ll ascend to the sea in the sky.

Original poem by Kimba. Copyright 2017.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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