This is a short little poem I wrote when I was in the mountains. I had expected the trip to be a spiritually refreshing time, when I could pray, read, and write poetry; but I was frustrated that all the mundane things of the world had followed me, and I couldn’t escape them unless I was very purposeful about it. It’s nearly a sonnet, which is one of my favourite formats.

Somewhere up here there must be,

Surrounded by this majesty,

A way of getting closer to my God.

Heaven’s just a step from here,

In the thinning atmosphere.

Where is the Cornerstone among this sod?


Why, then, do I feel so small,

And so much closer to the fall?

The warm-bloodedness of humanness prevails.

The brazen calling, rough and loud,

The brash bravado of the crowd

Is dragging me straight back into the vales.


I lift my eyes, and try to pray.

So close, and yet so far away.

Original poem by KiWi. Copyright 2017.

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