This is a poem I wrote about how evil often disguises itself as something cool, beautiful, or even friendly, but it just spews lies. For the record, I really like dragons, but I do see them as a symbol of evil in nearly every culture. I think they represent insidious wickedness very well, since they’re so fascinating, and so snake-like. There may also be some slight inspiration from the song “Demons” by Imagine Dragons…

Hope you enjoy!

A green dragon of envy flies over my head,

Comparing to others what I’ve done and said,

And saying my standard is everyone else:

The worst thing I can be is to just be myself.

The worst life is the one that I’ve led.

A red dragon of anger on your shoulder does sit,

Whispering that you have been too patient.

You are justified to act on your rage

When others are wrong or not acting their age.

Oh, you don’t have to stand for it.

Purple dragons of pride encompass your hands,

Restricting their actions to needs and demands,

And taking offense at no-harm-meant,

Making new enemies out of old friends,

Exalting both vices and triumphs of man.

A blue dragon of loneliness sighs in your ears,

Predicting total solitude in all coming years.

Despairing self-pity is a well-known voice,

Denying that Fate leaves you any choice,

And crooning the tune hard to hear.

We all have our dragons, whether many or one.

We all have our battles and wars to be won.

Every hateful vice takes a magnificent color

To sneak in disguised as beauty and valor.

But they tangle us up in the webs that they’ve spun.

If you liked this, or agreed with it, like it and leave a comment! I love to hear from you guys. If you don’t think this poem is entirely accurate, then let me know, and I’d love to have a friendly little discussion with you. ;D Also don’t forget to subscribe to the email list, so you’re notified every time I post something (Because I’m Batman amazing)

Have a wonderful day!

Original poem by Kimba. Copyright 2017.

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