I was thinking lately about desiring things, and how when we strongly desire something, it can affect our actions, even if we later regret it.

Of course, a strong feeling is not a legitimate reason to do something; just because an emotion or want is powerful doesn’t mean we can’t resist it.

But to return to my point, I was contemplating the difference between a strong desire and a deep desire. The difference, I think, is this: a deep desire arises from your convictions and principles, while a strong desire arises from instinct or emotion.

For example, I often have a strong desire to eat chocolate – like, an insanely strong desire. But I have a deep desire to eat and be healthy, so (most of the time) I don’t stuff my face with chocolate like I REALLY REALLY want to.

This led me to remembering the concept I heard once of the two pains we can choose: that of discipline, and that of regret. Put simply, we can either choose to hurt now via discipline by making a tough but wise decision, or hurt later by regretting a stupid decision.

I try to choose discipline over regret. I prefer that pain. I think choosing the discipline is easier when you have deep desires that outweigh your strong desires.

Anyway, that’s what’s been running through my head recently. I would love it if you posted some follow-up thoughts below, or liked this post. (But who ever comments?? Nobody, that’s who) As always, you can follow this blog via email.

Hace a wonderful day. 😀

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