Here’s yet another poem about darkness/evil/hate/etc. I promise I’m actually I very cheerful and bright person, and not a borderline depressed girl. It’s just that when I think about darkness, I get moody; when I get moody, I write poems. And when I write poems, I share them with y’all! 😀 But in reality, although I think about good vs. evil quite a lot, I have seriously had more than a few people tell me to “stop smiling so much.” So, I’m happy; just melancholically poetic (yes, that’s a word; you know because I used it just now).

I also wrote this when I was experimenting with different metres. This poem is trochaic tetrameter, and “darkness,” “evil,” and “monster” all immediately occurred to me in quick succession when I started trochaic.

I’m planning on writing a companion poem to this, but more hopeful. You know, because “brightness,” “sunlight,” and “saintly” are all trochaic, too. Let me know if you think that’s a good idea, or a waste of time. (Actually, I’m just trying to get someone to leave a comment once in a while!) 😉 Enjoy the poem! Trochaic tetrameter is one of my favourites!

Darkness hides in many places,

Blatant evil done by monsters.

Man’s a wicked, scheming creature;

Guarding darkness, hurting others.

Is there beauty in this broken

World of pain and lust and bloodshed?

Everywhere I look I see such

Horror, hatred, selfish things done.

Failed to find love in these people;

Look away in shame and sadness.

So I turn to trees and forests,

Sweeping skies and rolling mountains.

Here I see the hand of glory,

Fingerprints of love surrounding.

Thus I find myself inspired;

Stars tell me a better story.

People scheme and fight in anger;

Tigers prowl just to survive in

This poor earth that suffers greatly

At the hand of mankind’s evil.

If you liked it, comment below, and hit the Like button. Thanks for coming by! Have a wonderful day.

Original poem by KiWi. Copyright 2017.

Cover photo credit: Google Images.

I just really like tigers; they’re my favourite big cat. I know a 2-year-old who for some reason calls me “Tiger,” but I see no need to correct her. 🙂

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