Hey, all! This is a poem I wrote when I really wanted to be able to put my thoughts and feelings into a visual form, but I was greatly hindered by my artistic ineptitude. Put simply, I was sad (about something, I don’t remember what now, it was probably dumb), I wanted to get the emotions out in a picture that expressed how I felt; but I couldn’t because I can’t draw worth a carrot.

Then I wanted to improvise some amazing music that put my emotions into a beautiful, haunting melody, like people do in movies or books (or, if they’re good enough, in real life), but once again, that’s not where my talent lies.

This is a poem about my frustration that I only have one way to create an emotional piece (poetry), and that I only have one way to fight (via prayer). Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment below if you like it.

Sometimes, when the emotion of life is a weight on my chest,

And the sorrows of man pull my soul,

I wish my hand were steady and sure,

To sketch out my feelings on paper.

But I am unskilled in the secrets of form,

And my pencil is pinned by my weakness.

And my words find no shape to attach themselves to,

To sculpt to the world – my heart.


Sometimes, frustrations snatch the reins of my tongue,

And I tremble to hold back the bit.

And I wish that my fingers were dext’rously quick,

To discover their way on a music instrument.

But my hands, they falter,

My emotion has no talent,

To weave out my feelings to song.

So the words of my mouth conform to soundless melody,

And the harmonies of my heart.


Sometimes I wax wroth, with a righteous contempt,

And the flame of my vengeance longs for fuel.

I wish I could take on all powers of darkness,

In one mortal body, forever.

And I could defeat them in one fell blow,

If only my hands would be strengthened with might.

But evil will not show its hideous face

Even if I could defeat it.

So I pray with the strength of one desperate soul,

And my words must strike deep into demons.

If you liked it, let me know! If you think my writing stinks, keep that to yourself, I don’t care. 😉 I’m only here for compliments, lol, later haters. Have a wonderful day. XD

Original poem by Kimba. Copyright 2017.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes (A Freeverse Poem)

  1. I like it. I get the frustration of not being able to express yourself in other forms. The concepts were clearly expressed. What I would’ve liked to have seen, however, is your description of the picture you would’ve drawn if you had the knack, and the same could be said about the song you would’ve composed. Just a thought. Otherwise, well done!

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    1. For some reason I am only just now getting notified of this comment, but I must say that looking back, I appreciate your suggestion. I’ve been editing old poems recently, and I think I’ll add some lines based on your idea. Thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

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