Ah, sabbath! My favourite part of the week. Resting, thinking, eating, enjoying all my blessings…

My cat is named Suki, but she has a million nicknames. Sukkah (pronounced SOO-kah), dahblaise (a corrupted form of “darling”), Lefty, Captain Muscles, Duchess, Little Cutie, Goof…. the list goes on.

She’s a real sweetie. Even though we disagree on some things (I still say the carpet is a bad place to throw up), she does help me see other sides of the equation. I hope you enjoy this sweet poem I wrote about that.

Sometimes I think out to my cat,

And share my thoughts with her.

“I’m so glad the weather’s cool today.”

And Sukkah – she just purrs.

“What is time?” I ask out loud.

“A measurement of hours.

The opposite of eternity?”

But my darling just miaows.

“Why do we laugh?” I ask my pet.

“Strange giggles and guffaws?

A hiccough expressing social joy?”

Suki just licks her paw.

“Where do insects go at night?

Do they rest, or constantly creep?

Do they have homes to return for meals?”

But Sukkah falls asleep.

“Why is there beauty in this earth?

Why aren’t all things cold and stiff?

Thank God that He gave light to us!”

My Lefty blinks and sniffs.

“How many roads must a man go down?”

I wonder and poke her feet.

But Suki twitches and looks around

For bread or milk to eat.

“And what are numbers?” I think about.

“Just counting milk or mops.

An image assigned to a mental concept.”

And Sukkah stretches – and flops.

“How on earth are you so cute?!

And where could Olaf be?”

I ask her, but my dahblaise sprawls

In a sunbeam peacefully.

My Suki’s taught me it’s okay

To think, then rest, then eat,

Then sleep a bit and stretch a while,

Read a book, repeat.

My Suki’s taught me how to rest

As the sun grows warm and fonder.

We cuddle, purr, dream of sleep,

And watch the world, and ponder.

If you liked this poem, let me know! Comment, like, subscribe to my blog, and share the love! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Original poem by Kimba. Copyright 2017.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Ponderings (Poem)

      1. It’s scheduled for the 7th of September properly credited with your author name and links back here! If you happen to have any other cat poetry or stories you’d like to share let me know and I could always add you as a guest author.


      2. Any cat poetry feel free to drop me an email and we can get it added on the blog with a credit to your blog of course. 😀

        Purrsday Poetry is a section on our blog that was created as some of my friends are solely cat poets and they were looking for a platform to share and get other feline poets involved. 🙂


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