So, I’m kind of obsessed with dystopian novels. I think they’re just about the coolest concept ever, and super fun to read. Also, I just learned that the film Ready Player One is coming out, and I thought this would be an appropriate time to share this poem (although I haven’t read much of Ready Player One, and I didn’t much care for what I read, to be honest).

thinking alone.jpg

Anyway, this poem was inspired by a few of the dystopian novels I’ve read, including (but not limited to) The Other Side of the Island (Allegra Goodman), The Giver (Lois Lowry), Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury), and The City of Ember (Jeanne DuPrau). I’ve read others, but these were the most influential in this poem. Enjoy!

What colour is the sky?

Remember days of old

When grandma ate a peach

That no one saw grown.

What is this rain you speak of?

The cities at a distance,

And my dreams are never realised,

Just struggling for existence.

A sense of great adventure

And humanity inborn,

Curious and rebellious we

Question, then support.

Natural instinct dying,

So civilized and clean.

What is this thing called Human,

And who destroys his being?

Efforts to evolve us:

Informational loss.

In our search for something better

We forgot our former cause.

Man’s a step away from monster

With controls and fears and seals.

Protection is a hazard,

And so is what we feel.

If you liked this poem, let me know! As always, I love getting comments, so write those, too, and follow my blog if you want to read more poems and/or recipes. Thank you for coming by! Have a wonderful day. 😀

Original poem by Kimba. Copyright 2017.

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