Hey, all! I wrote this poem while sitting and relaxing under some trees yesterday. All my poems about nature end up focusing on trees and the sky, because those are my favourite things to watch. I love the way the colours play against each other.

Anyway, hope you enjoy. If you’d like to read more poems about any one topic, let me know, and I’ll try to accommodate.

Alone, yet surrounded,

Exposed, but hidden,

I lie under the trees.

Green and blue rebounded,

Warm and cool as heaven,

Passed over by the breeze.


Limbs and leaves meet overhead,

Trying to block the sky;

To distract me with their dance.

No cloud or smoke in the solar bed.

Though the trees try to shield it, I

Can see the obscenely bare blue expanse.

I donnno, when there are no clouds in the sky, sometimes it looks way too exposed. If you liked this poem, comment or like below! Have a wonderful day.

Original poem by Kimba. Copyright 2017.

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