This, like many of my poems, was inspired by real-life events, for better or for worse. Enjoy this lighthearted poem, and see if you can relate. 😀

At seven o’clock this weary morning,

My alarm clock started beeping.

And my bleary eyes were taken from

The respite they were keeping.

I heard the noise, but couldn’t stop it;

My mind was in a fog.

Blindly, I groped for that sacred button,

But I couldn’t clear the smog.

At last I found it, and found relief

From that harsh and grating noise.

My hand still on the Snooze Alarm,

I fell back to peace and joy.

But five minutes later it was back,

Yet I reacted quicker.

Swiftly I mashed the button again,

And my eyelids never flickered.

But then with sleep I fell into trouble,

For, holding the clock in my arms,

While still in my sleep, I’d silence the beep

Of that irritating alarm.

At last, many snoozes later,

My brain had had enough.

I shook the vapours from my head,

And cleared my mind of stuff.

Then, turning off my alarm clock,

I saw the time, and wept.

For it’s ten-forty-five, and now I find,

I greatly overslept.

Ah, sometimes it’s good to do goofy stuff. Enjoy? Comment and like below!

Original poem by KiWi. Copyright 2017.

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