I really enjoy watching old black and white movies. They’re clean, they’re generally more thoughtful or reflective, men always wore hats and spoke in quick, deep tones, the women were at once strong and meek and graceful, and everything felt a little more realistic and relatable.

But sometimes there’s a little catch: of course directors wants good-looking actors and actresses, so naturally the movie features a few glowing faces most of the time. My only problem with this is that sometimes I get to thinking an actor is pretty cute, before realising now he’s an old, balding man with a paunchy belly and squinty eyes. (Or worse, he died in 1982, like Henry Fonda) That kind of bothers me.

robert redforda few years later…old robert redford

[how, Robert Redford? Like, actually HOW?]

I mean, it’s not their fault for getting older; we all have to do it, and a lot of people pull it off unbelievably well. (like Julie Andrews)

julie andrews

I guess it’s kind of my fault for falling in love with people who literally do not exist anymore.

But that’s actually another reason I really like old movies; they remind me that physical appearance won’t last forever; probably not even a few decades.

Looking at art made centuries ago, reading a book from the 19th Century, or watching Jimmy Stewart fall into a swimming pool helps me remember the pointlessness of most things I waste time on.

Modern Hollywood movies are filtered with glamour, gloss, and glitter, and subconsciously send the message that we are young, and we’ll live forever, etc.

I prefer the movie that says, “Hey, kid, you’re getting older. Stop wasting time. Love people for who they are, not what they look like, because charm is deceitful and beauty is passing.”

Just a preference. Just a thought.


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