Stars glint high in the darkened sky,

Dents in the sweeping, black curtain.

I like to think they roguishly wink,

Exulting in freedom from earth’s burden.

I imagine their silence in stellar brilliance,

And I see them as seeds, joyfully cast.

They glitter down faintly, while a Being so saintly

Strode back and forth on His Sower’s path.


The trees on the fringe leave an evergreen tinge,

A limit to the sky; “Come only this far.”

And while I am thinking, they, too, are blinking,

As though inspired by the shifting stars.

Flashes and sparks shall dazzle the dark,

To the tune of the cricket’s soft melodies.

It remains in my sight, that glorious night,

When the stars came down to dance in the trees.

This is one of my favourite poems. Hope you enjoy! Comment, like it!

Original poem by Kiwi

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