One of my favorite rhyme schemes: AABCCB

Walking down a sandy path,

Treating my feet to a cooling bath,

It is windy here, but I do not mind too much.

How strange – I see small pieces,

Shards, and coils, and creases

Of buildings that are shiny and smooth to the touch.


Disaster must have struck hard

So as to shatter into shards

The graceful architecture that lies broken in the ground.

Once colorful and resplendent,

But now their time has ended,

They lie embedded in the earth, waiting to be found.


I can feel them through my calluses –

A masterpiece of palaces,

Wherein dwelt a hermit king of a kingdom rather small.

There were cups, and spirals, chalices,

But their beauty now, alas, is

Crushed, but there’s a fragment still of glory in them all.

The poem is about walking on the beach and finding seashells. I wanted people to look at shells differently by describing them first as broken buildings and castles, thus a slightly misleading title. 🙂

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Original poem by Kimba.

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