So, I really dislike dealing with pie crust. And one of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m making a pie, and somehow I end up short a couple inches of crust. Then I gotta try to patch up a few extra bits from whatever’s laying around, and my pie ends up a patchwork quilt of oats, rice flour, butter, arrowroot powder, sawdust, &c.

To avoid this problem, I usually make a lot more crust than I need. But this presents an altogether different problem: having too much pie crust.

From all my vast experience with this topic (i.e. like two instances of having extra scraps of pastry), I’ve gotten creative. My favourite uses for crust include:

  • Spreading pesto on it, rolling it up, and baking
  • Sprinkling chocolate chips on it and baking
  • Dousing in butter and cinnamon… and baking

But my favourite thing to do is make jam tarts. (Okay, they’re not “authentic” jam tarts. But they work) Usually I cut out circles of pastry, stick ’em in a muffin tin, spoon in some jam, top with a pastry “lid”, and bake.

But once, I got fancy and made a whole sheet of them. 20170303_143633.jpg

As you can see, I had a lot of extra dough. Those are stripes of plum and peach jelly, cause that’s what I had. The pale yellow was pineapple because I ran out of peach. But I like the colours because they remind me of Gryffindor.  ☺

Anyway, I highly suggest baking your pastry a little beforehand. Just toast it a bit. Then spread jam on, kind of thick, like a hefty piece of toast.

Then I put a buttery streusel topping over it:


NOTE: THIS WAS A MISTAKE. The butter all melted and left the oats there looking confused and stranded, like a runner on base when the inning ends.

Instead of that, I suggest putting granola on top, or just leaving them open face. Or maybe just a less buttery topping? It was an experiment.

Oh, and by the way, even though I goofed up at the end, these were delicious. 😄 So, try it if you have extra pastry, or jam you want to use up. I did this with some fig preserves no one wanted on their toast, and everyone gobbled it up.

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