Many deeds have been done on this young earth;
Many tears and countless smiles have been shed.
Numberless people have died and given birth.
Many mothers have mourned for their dead.
But though times change, some things do not.
Though many things pass, still many things stay.
New wars have come up, and new battles fought,
But the same old rain washes blood away.

Who, years ago, stepped on this land?
Who, long forgotten, planted these trees?
What was the mission of a mighty man
Who worked to perform such tasks as these?
Though homesteads are built into decay,
Though men have gone forth in search of a wife,
And workers plant seeds, and the soil repays,
It’s the same old earth that supports our life.

And though weapons progress in technology,
It’s the same old reasons to steal and to kill.
Powerseekers fight over ancient ideology.
For though men go forward, stay backwards they will.
Though there’s persecution and martyrhood,
And new twists on pagan practices,
It’s the same old corruption by evil of good,
And worldwide destruction by prideful savages.

And the Ancient of Days looks down from on high,
The same forever, tomorrow, today.
Though all men may blaspheme and curse and deny
The same fire melts all waxes away.
And though we are fallen, changed from before,
It’s the same old choice between two calls.
And though we choose each day who we will serve,
The same ancient sun shines down on us all.

Original Poem by KiWi

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