You know, a lot of people tell you to “dance like no one’s watching.”

Usually, they mean this in the context of, “Dance; and don’t get embarrassed about doing it in front of others. Don’t hide your emotions.”

I would like to add another interpretation to the fishbowl: dance, and don’t try to show off for other people.

A lot of times, we act differently around others, not to save face, but to gain glory. Around others, we behave in ways that we wouldn’t consider when we’re alone, because showing off garners praise and feel-good emotions.

Often, when I’m alone, I dance in a more meaningful way. This doesn’t mean I’m super mature, waltzing around and not goofing off (far from it), but I actually MEAN it when I dance by myself. I’m not dancing as a social event.

So, dance like no one’s watching. That could mean not suppressing your desire to move, or it could mean not whipping your hair around just to catch someone’s eye. In short, act the way you do because you mean it, not to just merely protect or advertise yourself.

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